Eating Whole Foods is Yummy too!

Eating healthy always seems to carry this negative stigma with it, as if healthy equates to bland and tasteless. I don’t know what nutritious foods you’ve been eating, but my meals are YUMMY and far from bland and tasteless! Our family always eats well and we enjoy our meals.  I have two boys and they never complain. In fact, we rarely have left overs because they come back for seconds! I promise that eating nutritious foods doesn’t mean you have to eat twigs and cardboard.

So, click here to access some tasty recipes that can be found on my Pinterest board! I tried to include a good mix of different type of dishes. From mains, to sides, and something to satisfy that sweet tooth, but All are gluten and sugar-free! 

I hope you enjoy them and make something great for your family this weekend! Let us know if you find a favorite recipe or if you have one to share with us!

We only have one life- let’s make it count! Here’s to living healthy and thriving.


Peace & Love,





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