The Benefits of a Health Challenge!

I remember seeing numerous fitness challenges pop-up on my Social Media feeds and thought they weren’t for me. I didn’t need a  “Challenge” to get healthy. I could totally do this on my own. Also, since I try to be fiscally responsible, I thought these challenges were a huge rip-off.  Finally,  I was pretty sure that the results they were selling were not “typical”. That was until I was invited by a co-worker to join the Whole Life Challenge (WLC). I’m so glad that I said yes and paid the $50 registration fee. I truly believe it was worth every penny. (Please note: I haven’t received a dime from WLC to say that either) Over the next 8 weeks, I gave myself permission to focus on getting healthy and committed to the process 100%.  Fast forward, I’m about to start my third WLC challenge. What!!?? Who is this person? 😉

Here are 7 reasons why I WLC!

  1. Easy to follow plan. –  They lay it out for you and take out the guess-work!
  2. Competition motivates me. I didn’t realize that I was competitive! Don’t worry, it’s totally friendly competition. 😉 The competition aspect inspired me to reach my goals daily.
  3. Community and accountability – This is the part that surprised me the most. There is really something amazing that happens when you have a community of support and being vulnerable to others about your struggles. The community has always been very supportive and encouraging. This is the part I miss most when the challenge is over.
  4. Keeps me focused on my goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always struggled with giving myself permission to focus on getting healthy. There are always so many other things competing for my attention. In addition, it’s so much easier to say no to tempting treats when you’re on the challenge. Helps you get in the habit of saying no. This not only includes what you put in your mouth, but also how you spend your time.
  5. Resources and tips provided. WLC provides lots of resources from recipes to exercises, stretches, and life stories. In addition, your teammates provide resources and tips as well.
  6. I feel great! – This might be the biggest reason. I always have more energy when I’m on the challenge. I’m rested because of my sleep goals. My skin is better from the hydration goal, and I feel super motivated.
  7. Results! Okay, this is probably the biggest reason. Who am I kidding? The first time I did the challenge, I lost 21 lbs in 8 weeks. The second challenge, I lost 5 pounds, which may not seem like a lot, but I also lost 3 inches in my waist! 2 inches in my hips and another 2 in my arms. These are results I can get behind.

I’m looking forward to my third challenge that starts on May 20th. Each challenge has been a little different and I’m expecting a different experience this time around as well.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit: . If you’re interested in joining my team, we’d love to have you. My team name is: The All-IN Crew. And, we’re gonna rock it!

Here’s to living healthy and thriving!

Peace & Love,


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