How to get rid of those Aches & Pains!

I used to think that my body ached because I was getting older and that I would have to get used to these aches and pains as my new normal, but now I know that’s not true!

Before changing our diet and relationship with food, we were miserable. My husband and I were feeling pretty crummy most of the time. Our bodies physically ached, we were tired, and worn-out.  We took pain relievers like Ibuprofen and Tylenol pretty regularly.

But, the reason why we started this blog is because we knew that there had to be other people out there that were feeling sick and tired too! And, we don’t want them to feel like that ONE MORE DAY!

What if I told you that you could be free from those aches and pains by healing your body through your food choices? Those are the words I heard on a podcast one day on my way to work. Those words piqued my interest because I have never been a fan of taking a pill to hide symptoms caused by a “root problem”. I’d much rather deal with the root and not just the symptom.

The nutritional experts explained that my body aches were “sugar aches”.

It was here that I learned how sugar causes inflammation in the body. In addition, I was surprised to learn that that three cups of pasta breaks down into 25 grams of sugar, or glucose in your body. This was such an eye opener for me because our family was eating pasta at least twice a week, if not more! No wonder we were achy.

It’s not just sweet treats that contain sugar either, it’s literally lurking everywhere. Especially processed foods. Did you know that a nine-ounce bag of chips breaks down into 32 teaspoons of sugar? Now, If you wash down the chips with a soda, that’s another 16 or more teaspoons of sugar.

Trans Fats are another source that causes inflammation in the body. Transfats can be found in your favorite flavored coffee creamers, french fries, crackers, muffins, and all kinds of processed foods.

So, the key to eliminating the aches and pains is to eat REAL FOOD and eliminate the processed food.


Real foods are meat, veggies, eggs, and healthy fats. All of these foods will decrease inflammation.

Remember that highly processed foods, especially those containing sugar and trans-fats (oils that are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, such as margarine and refined vegetable oils) increase inflammation and pain.

If you think that you might be experiencing

“Sugar – Aches” I challenge you to put it to the test!

Do your own experiment.  Give it a try and stop eating processed carbs for a few weeks. Avoid soda, candy, chips, cereal, and other processed foods. I am willing to bet that you will experience less pain and inflammation. I have learned that Nutrition is your best line of defense against sugar-aches!

Let us know how it goes!

Here’s to living healthy and thriving.

Peace & Love,







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